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RVs for Healthcare Heroes MA

RVs for Healthcare Heroes MA is a Volunteer Community partner of Baystate Health to facilitate the lending of recreational vehicles to Baystate Health employees to utilize as an alternative to living in their homes in order to safeguard their families and loved ones during the Pandemic.


About Our Program

COVID-19 is presenting many challenges for healthcare providers both professionally and personally.

In their professional lives, we have all seen the news or heard the stories of the frantic pace at which the frontline Doctors, Nurses and Support staff have been working in the efforts to keep up with and stabilize the influx of patients during this Pandemic.  Although long hours may be nothing new to this profession, the limitations and slowly emerging information regarding this virus and the subsequent decisions that are required is certainly unprecedented. 


When their professional day is done, they must continue the effort to protect others from exposure, this time in their own home.  For many, this has had a significant impact on their living arrangements. They have seen what this virus can do and entering their home is not an option for reasons that range from high-risk individuals to the very young, so some are staying in garages and cars.

Your participation will allow these essential employees an opportunity to be close to home while maintaining a safe distance from their families and loved ones, in a comfortable environment to decompress and get the rest they deserve in order to continue their mission.

What People Are Saying

I am a nurse in the emergency room. I have three children, ages 8,9, and 16. Every day I worry I’m bringing home this horrible virus. Now, I can worry much less. Due to the generosity of RV for Healthcare Heroes MA, I now have an RV donated to me in my driveway during this COVID-19 pandemic. I can social distance safely from my children and husband to keep everyone safe. It was an easy and quick process.

I want to give a heartfelt thank you to generous donors offering their beautiful RVs for people like me. Thank you to the propane donors and waste removal services donating their time and services. Ultimately this would not be possible without the coordination ofRV for Healthcare Heroes MA.


Baystate Noble Hospital

How do I  begin to thank you, your group and the fine folks in Greenfield for the generosity shown in providing me with living accommodations during this very trying time. Knowing that I have a safe place to stay, and not risk spreading this virus, is very comforting to both me and my family.

Again, many thanks to RVs for Healthcare Heroes MA, for easing my burden, as well as, allowing me to go to work and care for my fellow man and support BFMC’s mission; “to improve the health of people in our community every day with quality and compassion.

I want to give a heartfelt thank you to generous donors offering their beautiful RVs for people like me. Thank you to the propane donors and waste removal services donating their time and services. Ultimately this would not be possible without the coordination of RV for Healthcare Heroes MA.


Registered Respiratory Therapist, Baystate Franklin Medical Center

Thank you, RVs for Healthcare Heroes MA! My daughter and I are nurses who work at Baystate Medical Center. My daughter works in the emergency room and is exposed to COVID-19 patients daily. My husband has a chronic lung disease. My other children are 20, and 18 years old twins. The stress and worry about what my daughter and I could be exposing our family to was enormous. We cannot thank RVs for Healthcare Heroes MA enough for giving us a safe place to live while keeping us close to our family. The people who donated their RV were extremely helpful. They set it up in our driveway and walked us through how everything worked. They even left notes explaining things inside. The process was quick and easy and we thank you for helping keep our family safe. Knowing that we are not exposing them to this horrible virus is priceless.

K and E

Baystate Medical Center

How it works:

  • You agree to lend your fully enclosed and in good working order RV or Camper to a Baystate Health staff member for a duration of up to 60 days* during the COVID-19 Crisis
  • The RV/Camper will be delivered to and remain located at the recipients home
  • Participating vendors will ensure that the waste holding tanks are emptied and propane tanks filled as needed
  • Baystate Health will compile a list of potential recipient’s based upon immediate needs and relay those needs to RVs for Healthcare Heroes MA to coordinate inventory and delivery.
  • Upon the end of the duration, the RV/Camper will be certified sanitized by a Vendor Partner prior to return

See One of Our Vendors Fogging an RV

*With an option for the possibility of extension


Western Mass Local organization to donate RVs to Baystate front line workers

It really is this simple

As a Community we need to be there in this time of need as they ALWAYS will be there in ours


What you can do to Help.

Don’t have a Vehicle or Goods to donate?

You can help get the word out by sharing our page with as many people as possible. You can also help by donating to our Marketing Partner for use in boosting the word on Facebook and Google, by clicking the donate button below. 100% of all donations go directly to advertising costs for this campaign!